Initialize cluster-services

The cluster-services command line interface provides a convenient mechanism to customize your cluster by simply defining a yaml dictionary. It can be used to adjust compute partitions, network attached storage, and slurm accounting on-the-fly. Under-the-hood, cluster-services carries out complex workflows for adjusting your cluster on-the-fly.

Before you begin using cluster-services you must initialize the CLI. This step creates an initial yaml dictionary compatible with cluster-services from the slurm-gcp configuration file (/slurm/scripts/config.yaml) and sets up a symbolic link from /apps/cls/etc/slurm/scripts/config.yaml to /slurm/scripts/config.yaml so that updates to your cluster configuration propagate throughout your cluster.

To initialize cluster-services,

  1. Log in to your cluster’s controller instance

  2. Go root

sudo su
  1. Run the following command to initialize cluster-services. On Debian and Ubuntu solutions, you will need to reference the full path to cluster-services (/apps/cls/bin/cluster-services)

cluster-services init